CRM in the NFP Sector


The not-for-profit sector at this moment, requires a unique set of skills, at a unique time. The corporate sector has benefited for many years with use of CRM systems however the not-for-profit sector has not required this level of customer engagement, and is new to the benefits of CRM. Now is the time for the NFP sector to adopt CRM technology. The roll-out of the NDIS will require NFP's to identify and target new clients more comprehensively, engage more regularly with new and existing clients, have a better knowledge of their clients, and make significant inroads in to client retention. CRM technology is the foundation for these requirements. I have a track record of successful adoption of CRM technology in corporates and NFP's. I understand the sales cycle for IT systems, and the decision-making process of the NFP executives, as well as the cultural barriers to maximising client retention for improved and additional services, incorporating a business development culture across all departments.